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Chemical Peel


A Chemical Peel is a very effective exfoliating treatment that can be carried out on all skin types. Dr Russo uses a combination of Mandelic, TCA, Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic acid to help improve the appearance of the skin and encourage healthy cell turnover. This results in a brighter and smoother looking complexion.

The treatment can be carried out within your lunchtime, you are left with a very minimal redness afterwards, which can be covered with mineral-based makeup. You can instantly see the effects of the peel, as your skin will glow brightly!

A course of Peel treatments is required to achieve optimal results.

We suggest using the homecare that would give you the best treatment endpoint and help correct any skin concerns.

Dr Russo will advise on the correct treatment plan for you, to help combat any skin concerns you may have. We offer Mesoesthetic Peels, ObagI Blue Radiance Peel and ZO Three Step Peel.