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Cryolipolysis has been developed by Dermatologists at Harvard Medical School. Their research demonstrated that fat cells are naturally more sensitive to the effects of cold. By using advanced tissue cooling technology, this technology destroys fat cells through a controlled cooling process leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. In clinical research, the cryolipolisis procedure resulted in a noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction in targeted areas without the need for needles, incisions, anesthesia, or recovery-time. After a virtually painless procedure, clinical improvement is evident within 3 months. Additional treatments can be performed to obtain additional fat removal. After the treatment, normal activities can be resumed immediately– there is no recovery time. Each session can remove up to 30% of the fat treated.

Dr Russo is the first UK physician to be trained in CoolSculpting and he has been providing this treatment since October 2010. Dr Russo has personally performed over 50,000 safe Coolsculpting treatments on body and chin.