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Pregnancy and Yummy Mummy

Whether you’re an expecting mother or already a proud parent, at Beauty Works we understand how important it is for you to find space for that all important ‘me time’. With this in mind, we’ve created a range of treatments designed to cater to the challenges and demands of pre and post pregnancy.


We know all too well that pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding, and demanding, times in a woman’s life, and that your wellbeing is never more important. So we make sure that you can relax in the knowledge that Beauty Works is here to look after you with our specially trained pre-natal beauty therapists on hand to make your stresses and worries disappear.

Yummy Mummy

After giving birth you’re left with two things, a beautiful child (or more than one!), and some awkward and potentially uncomfortable reminders, whether that’s melasma pigmentation, thread veins, cellulite or the dreaded ‘baby bump’. We offer a range of specialised treatments that can restore your skin and body to its beautiful best.

For further information about our pregnancy and yummy mummy treatments in London, get in touch.

Mother-To-Be Full Body Massage


Mother-To-Be Reflexology Treatment (60mins)


Mother-To-Be Reflexology Treatment (30mins)


Mother-To-Be Bikini Wax (with hot Lycon wax)